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Body as a Surface, Tattoos & more 6. Mai

We gathered on a beautiful sunday in spring to end the tattoo season in an artsy fashion before summer started and to celebrate the human body in various ways. It’s perfect timing and kind of the last chance to get a tattoo before it’s too sunny and too tempting to go swimming all the time. 
Cosy ambience, additional entertainment, as well as food and beverage were provided, it was a blast! Around 14 Tattoos were made all day.

Featured artists:

-Stefan Stojanovic #hahahatattoo
-Jeanne-Vera Bourguignon #staecherinne
-Laura Curatolo #staecherinne
-Natascha Vavrina #staecherinne
-Wayra Siles #staecherinne

-Alina Kopytsa: Plug in; between 1300 and 1600

SergueiOvinnikov - guitar ca 1200 - 1400

The Nozez live gipsy jazz band ca 1600 - 1800
Oilst from Oilst & Ben Jarli electronic jam session ca 1800 - 2000

Sandwiches & more with Micro Greens from UMAMI

Again we managed to bring together different diciplines and peer groups in order to broaden interests, networks and horizons. People came along, was it to hang out, to get tattooed, to see some performances, to jump into Limmat, to drink a beer, to see the Offspace, to listen to some music or just to have a good time.

Dieses Projekt wird ermöglicht durch das Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo und die Stadt Zürich. Vielen Dank für das Vertrauen und die Unterstützung. This project was made possible through the support of Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo and the city of Zurich. Many thanks to this trust and support.

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